Services – Strengthening Client Project Teams

The Axian Group’s ability to provide a multitude of services is also taken up many clients as it can be tailored to the clients requirements and project needs. We can supply the services of highly experienced project individuals or services on a ‘as needs’ basis to strengthen a project team and help deliver their projects whilst knowing they don’t need to be full time employees and ultimately reducing risk.

These services can initially be as client representation or auditing a project through to technical assistance in all or varying parts of the project. Some of the services include:

  • Complete or partial project management.
  • Project programming and planning.
  • Consultant selection and review.
  • Design management.
  • Distressed project advice.
  • Modular construction advice and review.
  • Project auditing and review.
  • Buildability advice and review.
  • Contractor negotiations.
  • Site administration and construction management.
  • Marketing services co-ordination.