Services – Project Auditing & Review

One of the keys ways to reduce risk on a project is to have a project independently reviewed. This can happen at any stage of the project whether it be during the briefing or design phase, documentation, construction or hand over/occupation phase. This auditing and review process will ultimately make sure your project meets the objectives you intend it to deliver and thus maintain a low level of exposure through the process whether it be at stakeholder or tenenat levels.

Common types of review include the following:

  • Due diligence.
  • Project stratergy review.
  • Budget/costing methodology review.
  • Feasibility and brief review and re-establishment.
  • Design and documentation review in accordance with clients/market requirements.
  • Consultant co-ordination review.
  • Buildability review.
  • Contractor review in terms of resources, programming, OH&S, and quality systems.
  • Construction program and trades sequencing review.
  • Assessing work completed in accordance with contract.
  • Assessment of defects and rectification.