Services – Modular Construction

Modular Construction is a new concept to the Australian market but is not internationally. It has extremely tangible benefits that it can offer projects in the mixed use, residential, apartment and hotel markets. The introduction of modular construction alone can help to make a project successful whereas using traditional construction methods would not be viable.

We have international experience in delivering over 10,000 modules for a variety of project types. Our delivery methods are quality controlled and the modular systems are manufactured under the strictest conditions. Our experience has also been used in advising companies in the setup up of several modular manufacturing facilties in the United Kingdom and Europe.

This type of construction is especially suited to hotels, apartments, hospitals and aged care facilities.

Advantages of the modular building system are:

  • Lower cost – can be up 15% to 30% cheaper in construction cost than traditional build.
  • Lower construction time – can make the project up to 30% to 50% quicker to build on-site – lower preliminary costs, holding costs etc. This allows the project to be up and running quicker than traditional construction methodologies allow.
  • Consistent quality – Produced by same workforce in same production facilities under a strict QA regime.
  • Program not dependent upon the abilities of whatever local tradespeople are available in the area where the project is being constructed.
  • 60-70% less on site waste.
  • Lower risk of on-site theft – far fewer bulk materials on site eg drums of electrical cable, copper pipes etc.
  • Reduction in extensions of time due to weather or availability of materials/tradespersons.