Services – Distressed Projects

We have a unique skill set that enables us to look at a project from many angles and offer advice on distressed projects. Projects must have a suitable solution that is guided through a strategic commercial environment whilst maximizing the outcome for everyone. We can offer timely and tailored solutions for distressed development sites under option, due diligence, feasibility, planning and design, construction, or renewal stages. We ascertain the core design/development/construction issues and offer specialized recovery advice and options available to complete the project and navigate a clear path forward.

We have extensive experience spanning many decades and are experienced and knowledgeable in delivering new works, refurbishment and modular types of construction along with delivering projects in using varied delivery methods. These may be Lump Sum, Negotiated Contract, Design and Construct, GMP, Cost Plus, and Construction Management types. As with other facets of our company, it is our knowledge and unique skill set that allows successful outcomes for all of our projects.