About – What we do

Our skill base and experience covers a great depth and we act primarily as Developers, Development Managers, Project Consultants and Construction Managers. Our project experience varies greatly and includes masterplanning, mixed use developments, retail, aged care and commercial through to educational, hotel and medium to large scale residential projects. We believe in exceeding all expectations, whether it be our own, our clients, other stakeholders, investors or the end user.

Axian’s commercial focus and problem solving abilities allows for our projects to be delivered in a focused manner to time and cost constraints while also adding to our company’s values of design and construction excellence in creating a better built environment through new or the remodeling of projects and we have a reputation for getting projects to ‘work better’.

Through the combination of design management, our specialist value engineering skills, cost and construction management, you can ensure that your projects achieve their full potential through design optimization and yields that are delivered at the highest quality for the lowest cost in a sustainable way.